Monday, February 2, 2009

Do you wanna get rid of "Do you want to close this window?"

I always got this annoying question whenever i opened CRM untill I found the below mentioned code posted by Ronald Lemmen on his blog post here , but its no more now, cheers to Ronald.
You might get a question everytime you open CRM in Internet Explorer.
The question is:
The webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window.
Do you want to close this window?
yes no
This message does appear in CRM 4.0 only when you are using
Internet Explorer 7.0 and you have enabled the application mode setting. Nevertheless, it is an anoying message which you can get away!To get rid of this
open the default.aspx file which resides in the root of the CRM website.
In this file there are these three lines of code:

var oMe = window.self;
oMe.opener =

Modify the second line of this snippet
and end up with these three lines:

var oMe =

You now will not have the message anymore.
Note:Keep in mind that any update or migration might remove this change, but you should be able to reapply the change easily again.

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