Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How To Recreate Users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM


One of my teammate recently moved a CRM organization from one server to another server (database as well as the application server), don’t know what went wrong but after that one user complains that he can’t login into the system, when inspected we found that there are two records for the same user now exists in the CRM one disabled and one enabled also no entry of this user was there in MSCRM_CONFIG database.  Still in dark why and how it happens? but in order to let the user in the CRM we need to recreate the user in the CRM.


Now all we need is  to delete this user and recreate it in CRM, BUT BUT BUT…….

There is no supported option of deleting Users from CRM is available , at most you can disable them, but sometimes we found ourselves in a situation when we need to recreate the user in CRM as mentioned above.

we also need to remember that the CRM users are created from AD user accounts so the CRM will not allow you to create a new account even when one account is already disabled.

So what can we do:

The option with us is recreate a User record by changing the credentials of a user record and create a new record for the existing user.

we can do so by following the steps as mentioned below:

Step 1: navigate and open the desired User record in CRM.

Step 2: Change the user credentials in the Domain Logon Name field to and AD use record that is not already a CRM User and save the record.

Step 3: Since this record is not required in CRM at all so disable this record.

Step 4: Create the desired user record.

Step 5: Reassign the records of the disabled user to this newly recreated record.

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